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Dec 9, 2012 5:15pm EST
at all. we've got a new carter in office and president obama. most of the themes of "wealth and poverty" that sprung from the awful doldrums of the u.s. economy under jimmy carter apply stronger, more strongly today. >> house so click >> obama is the same kind of antibusiness president and insight president. same kind of managerial, interfering, strangling, surprising president jimmy carter was. >> you writing here about president obama. i want to get to the right page so i can quote it correctly, sir. you write under the obama administration that the u.s. had a morbid subversion of the infrastructures of its economy. the public sector has become a manipulative forest, aggressively intervening in the venture and financial sectors with guarantees and subventions that attract talent and debunking. >> the worst of this is the korean cast of the obama administration. the epa now has gained control over everything. see so to have been deemed a pollution, dangerous to the environment in co2 is of course that these plans. they attempt to surprise or two epitomize the anti-nature, enterprise sp
Dec 9, 2012 8:00pm EST
, you know, i think a very important point is libya became a -- sort of, you know, obama -- president obama in 2009 delivered his now famous new beginnings speech which he said he was going to stand with the arab people against tyranny and made a number of strong statements which he was not expected to be call upon so soon, but, you know, at the time, syria was looking, you know, as the sequential arab revolts came into being, there was very few places where the united states had an easy or even a conceivable influence -- edge to come in and do something where the consequences were not dramatic. they were at least, you know, there could be a pos five, you know, of course, egypt, a long-time ally anchor in the middle east, supportive of israel, and tunisia was a little bit, but, by that point, already crossed the threshold and ali was out, and syria, the comparisons with libya are quite, you know, very different. it's a multisectarian society with lots and lots of, you know, connections to other powers into which are iran, lebanon, israel, you know, where disrupting or changing that re
Dec 9, 2012 10:45pm EST
is a fantasy. we accept whatever obama wants dhaka duty triet if you want to with the fiscal cliff requires, much like the land of oz with the person hiding behind the machines to raise taxes now and they violated the fiscal cliff. t want to stand up and provide america the fiscal clef, do you want to go on the national and explain that you are so reactionary and out of touch with life that you don't care that america is going to die late on their state? it's all right if that is the kind of person that you are. you will never be on television because after all, you are clearly weird. [laughter] let me start with the fiscal cliff right here and say there is no fiscal cliff. conservatives and republicans are demoralized. get over it. we did a number of stupid things. they were smarter than we work, work harder than we did, fought longer than we did, did some clever things. ronald reagan, one of the most important single statements is february, 1975 in washington that the conservative political action committee meeting. now, i was part of this. i have no sense of timing. so i picked one. [lau
Dec 8, 2012 5:00pm EST
the problems whoever the new president was likely to face and anticipating an obama when that night there was precedence about the use of the filibuster to block consideration of a things so tonight we will get some historic perspective. i have had the good fortune to read a lot of kevin matson's book that he is a wonderful historian of postwar liberalism. he tells it in ways that are very perceptive. he avoids fashionable trends to make sure he gets underneath fans. he is not a revisionist. and he writes about other periods as well including participatory democracy and the progressive era and upton sinclair, many of you have read the jumble, we are all too young to remember end poverty in california. fourth after the gubernatorial campaign but kevin provides a rich, rich history of 20th century american history in the context of our larger scheme of things. so let's welcome kevin matson and "just plain dick". [applause] >> thanks for that wonderful introduction. always a pleasure to be at politics and prose, one of my favorite places to be. what i will do is talk for a while and ob
Dec 8, 2012 1:30pm EST
important? the reason people like barack obama is he is cool. he beat a war hero, a community organizer, how did that happen? because he was cool. it was cool to vote for him. the culture embraces fake coolness over real achievement. kids would rather play astronaut than actually be one. is more interesting to the famous doing something, but i will say this. i am -- there is a big bright spot to president obama being reelected, if he had lost he would be back for another four years and 45% gray which makes him more trustworthy. we are uncool. that is the way we are. i don't believe that. i look at our message. what is our message? we like to build things. making things is cool. we like to own stuff. that is good. competition is awesome. a liberal view is self-esteem is better. better to build self-esteem without competition. the highest incidents of self-esteem can be found in prison. i think i made that up. it is one of those things you read and repeat over and over again. if you ever meet a criminal they believe they can commit crimes because they deserve to. why not? i deserve this, i don
Dec 8, 2012 2:45pm EST
books of 2012. and barack obama:the story david maraniss, associate editor of the washington post present a history of president barack obama's family. charles murray of the american enterprise institute argues a growing divide between the upper and lower class goes beyond economics differences in coming apart:the state of white america 1960-2010. in victory, the triumphant game revolution, linda hirschman presenting history of the gay-rights movement. david nassau chronicles the life and career of the father of the kennedy political dynasty in the patriarch, remarkable life and turbulent times of joseph kennedy. history professor at duke university examined haiti from its founding to today in haiti:the aftershock of history. for an extended list of links to publications, 2012 notable books election visit booktv website or our facebook page >> next, norman finkelstein argues the support of your by liberal american jews is declining by overwhelming evidence the israeli government after treatment of the palestinians is unjustified. this is about two h
Dec 8, 2012 11:00pm EST
florida total, barack obama did when the state of florida barely edging out al gore. another problem for our state. florida, you can spell it without the. and honestly, if you go to that date county election bureau official website it says election ready. it does. almost impossible this could happen. twelve years ago. everyone remembers 2000. they could not figure out which will. people of florida, if you are behind -- year in a left turn lane with and marijuana pointing left and behind a car, usually is to people in the 1998 buick. a light changes, there's a green arrow pointing left. with the flock. usually have to wait a couple of cycles. what i want to do is to make it more friendly for florida voters. instead of using words, pictures. you would go by poking under candid it's eyeballs. follow what happened, the poke up their own eyeballs. the ballot was really, really long. long questions are written by lawyers from mars. at first it was an english, and then it was in spanish. then it was in creole and then calling on. by the time you get to the yes or no part you have to go back
Dec 9, 2012 4:00pm EST
saying that obama was probably going to win and most democratic senate candidates are going to win. they were shellshocked in their own works. if they cannot accept empirical reality, they're going to be in big trouble and the succeeding elections. speenine democrats became useless? did not well, they became useless in the party of me too, but less after three successive losses in presidential elections in the 80s. they kind of retooled and became more corporate friendly. many people think i happen to be one of them, for all that obama has excoriated as this kind of kenyan observer, who is a muslim and socialist that he is pretty much fulfilled george bush's third term in national security matters. >> finally, how does the middle class figure into your thesis? >> the middle-class figures then and they're the ones who got shafted because there was a bipartisan move. clinton was president. the republicans mainly were running congress when we had a like nafta, china's most favorite nation status, the jvc, the world trade organization. all these trade deals people claim were going to b
Dec 8, 2012 7:00pm EST
that is still with us. the volcker rule label was announced to the press by obama january 2010, paul volcker by their role. -- by the president. he heard his name and thought what is that? i think the phrase in the book describing paul volcker is the man who could find fault with the mona lisa. [laughter] he made a living saying no. goldberg 1970s one. inflation 1979. speculation 2010. the underlying story line is trust which is the title of the last chapter of the book you can go there and skip the stories obama appointed him chairman of the advisory board the former president of italy wrote paul volcker a letter that still sits in a coma frame on his desk that says we trust you. and i show how he earned the trust and to follow-up with the lessons he learned about trust and his father senior 1930 through 1950 had a quotation from george washington hanging in a frame behind his desk in a letter he wrote to his officers at the time it said do not suffer your good nature to say yes and you ought to say no. remember it is not a private cause to be injured urban if it did buy your car is" he has
Dec 9, 2012 2:00pm EST
. what kind of a mandate -- what president obama when he deals with the seriousness it requires. i do think the that our movement has got to be done in parallel, in tandem with international developments, international movements. you know, we've seen what happened at copenhagen in the time of justice coming together from all over the world. we see what cannot seen what can have been and paul hoch and read a book, blessed unrest in which he just lists goes on about all the different protests, injustice, and sustainable develop movements around the world. and it's extraordinary. we ought to be part of that and learning from it. in part because so many of the problems we have to deal with our international problems with cooperation. the institute went to rio with a proposal that called a widening circle to try to bring more coherence and cohesion in this international movement. i wish them while with that. consumerism is very different than consumption. consumers then associate that more staff is going to bring more meaning and real happiness into our lives beyond meeting i reeled and it
Dec 10, 2012 1:00am EST
a good compromise, and i believe president obama has, in fact, done that. >> host: how so? >> guest: well, the president has said, and reached out across the aisle on various things with regards to economic reform, tax reform, and immigration reform. i think, while i don't have a crystal ball, i think there is little doubt that the president would be willing to compromise if the other party is willing to meet him part of the way. now, the other party's job is to see how much it can get for its side, and begin, you know, the issues we've been through, such as the fiscal cliff, the fact is that there's no way out of the issues without compromise, but i do think we will see compromise on something like immigration reform because demographics is destiny, and the republicans as well as democrats recognize that they have to show support for immigration reform if they are not going to, in the case of the republicans, lose the hispanic population permanently to the republican party, so the president has already, i believe, shown willingness to compromise and all the data shows that republicans ar
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)